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by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Mar 19, 2012

In the realm of fantasy, fairy tale and adventure, perhaps there is no more popular a hero than the eternally youthful Peter Pan. The character has been immortalized on stage by Mary Martin and on the big screen numerous times (Disney's animated "Peter Pan" and Steven Spielberg's "Hook"). The latest reincarnation was for the Syfy Network with the Vivendi Entertainment television mini-series, "Neverland."

Director and writer, Nick Willing presents an entertaining and magical look at Peter's origins in London, his initial relationship with the man who would become known as Captain Hook and the very first experiences for them both in Neverland. Willing has woven a cohesive back story and a fine set of perfectly cast actors to take on this cinematic journey. Charlie Rowe has just the right sense of street smarts and heart to create a memorable Peter Pan while Rhys Ifans metamorphoses into the greedy and evil-hearted James Hook. The fight of good vs. evil is waged on shipboard as well with Anna Friel as the wicked and vindictive, Captain Elizabeth Bonny.

How is one transported to a parallel universe where you immediately stop aging? What is the magic ingredient which allows a person to defy gravity and fly? The best part of any well-done fantasy is discovering the answers to these questions and being intrigued and captivated along the way. "Neverland" is your "A-ticket" to ride on such a journey. Just keep on the good side of Tinker Bell and stay clear of the crocs. "Neverland" also arrives on DVD, with a slew of "all access" special features.

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