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Father of the Bride: 2-Movie Collection

by Chris Sosa
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday May 25, 2012
Father of the Bride: 2-Movie Collection

For the first time, the "Father of the Bride" films are available on Blu-ray in the "Father of the Bride: 2-Movie Collection." The series arguably captures the feel of the 90's family comedy-drama better than any other. Steve Martin and Diane Keaton are perfectly matched as George and Nina Banks, the married couple coming to terms with marriage in the first film and children in the second.

In "Father of the Bride," Annie returns from an international trip with a new muse in tow. Her parents quickly find out that Bryan is not merely a boyfriend, but the fiance of their grown-up daughter. Crises ensue as the in-laws meet. Annie fights with her Dad over the sudden decision, and Bryan does his best to convince his future in-laws that he's a worthy addition to the Banks family.

"Father of the Bride: Part II" delves into life after marriage as Nina and Annie find themselves pregnant at the same time. Overlapping plots are followed while Nina slowly comes to terms with being a mother again and Annie prepares for her first shot at parenthood. The female OB-GYN in the role of a calming force among the emotional husbands is an interesting element for the early 90's.

In 2012, these films seem remarkably quaint given the mere twenty years since the first release. Gender/sexuality norms and the lack of social technology provide an interesting snapshot of a bygone era. Despite some portrayals that appear mildly homophobic and sexist now, both movies were ahead of the curve upon release.

Fans of the series will be happy to find the Blu-ray/DVD combo comes with a director's commentary and the entire score for the first film, plus a commentary with Steve Martin and Martin Short for the second. A bonus interview conducted by Steve Martin and Martin Short with each other is also included, along with featurettes for both movies.

The Blu-ray features enhanced picture quality rendered in HD along with improved sound from the earlier DVD release.

"Father of the Bride/Father of the Bride: Part II"
Blu-ray Combo Pack


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