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The Vow

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday May 21, 2012
The Vow

"The Vow" is a romantic drama sure to incite tears and make single women hug their cats. It's loosely based on the lives of Kim and Krickett Carpenter. They were newlyweds who, after a car accident, struggled to keep their marriage together. In the dramatic Hollywood retelling, Leo (Channing Tatum) tries to make his wife Paige (Rachel McAdams) fall in love with him again when she awakes from a coma with no memory of the last five years.

"The Vow" is what you'd expect from a cheesy romantic film. Channing Tatum plays the overly sensitive, yet hot, workingman willing to do anything for his love. Rachel McAdams somehow manages to be bitchy while suffering from short-term amnesia. Sam Neil and Jessica Lange play her overbearing, WASP-y parents.

The DVD special features are kind of light. It features deleted scenes from the film. A couple of the scenes would have made certain characters like Jessica Lange's character a little bit more likeable. There's a gag reel that is not particularly funny given the deep subject matter of scenes.

The DVD commentary is by director Michael Sucsy. He does have a nice voice but his commentary is somewhat droll. He tends to focus on the actual filming, as would be expected from the director. He does share some insight into certain scene choices and ideas that were used in adapting the story.

"The Vow" is a love story definitely for a certain demographic. If you love love stories you will enjoy this film and the few special features. However, given the climate of releasing many of the really juicy special features are on the Blu-Ray. That being said, people who enjoyed the film would love the DVD as part of their collection.

"The Vow"

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