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Review :: The Angry Birds Movie

By Greg Vellante | May 20
Far more a brand than actual film, "The Angry Birds Movie" is exactly what one would expect from a movie based on an iPhone game played while people are sitting on the toilet.

Review :: Almost Holy

By Dale Reynolds | May 20
A Ukrainian Pentecostal priest has founded Pilgrim House for runaway and abandoned children, and their druggie parents, as a way to salvage lives.

Review :: The Measure Of A Man

By Roger Walker-Dack | May 20
It's a simple, sad story that politicizes the effects of economic slumps that have been created by large corporations. The brunt of the effects are borne by the workers.

Review :: Weiner

By Louise Adams | May 20
Why do smart, popular men take and send dick pix to women other than their wives? Directors Elyse Steinberg and Josh Kriegman try to explain the exploding, as it were, phenomenon in their documentary.

Review :: Eisenstein In Guanajuato

By Michael Cox | May 19
Abandon your notions about biopics and forget about documentary -- this is the notorious postmodern filmmaker Peter Greenaway's loving tribute to one of his cinematic heroes, the groundbreaking early Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein.

Review :: Hired to Kill

By Ken Tasho | May 19
Boobs, broads, and bravado are the order of the day in a new Arrow Video Blu-ray release.

Review :: Black Girl

By Noe Kamelamela | May 18
In "Black Girl," Mbissine Thérèse Diop plays a Senegalese immigrant to France whose life becomes a nightmare she can only hope to escape in death.

Review :: I Could Go On Singing

May 18
Though roundly critiqued on this edition's commentary tracks as having no real story, Judy Garland's final film does create a mood and cast a spell.

Review :: Cat Ballou

By Kilian Melloy | May 17
Between the gleaming hi-def "first time on Blu-ray" excitement and the historically rich special features, this Twilight Time title deserves a spot on your shelf.

Review :: Appassionata

By Kilian Melloy | May 17
If unhappy families are unhappy in their own unique ways, at least this one knows how to do it in style -- even if the fruits of their unhappiness are wild, thorny, and bittersweet.

10 thru 19 of 6614 Stories