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Your Sister’s Sister

by Louise Adams
Tuesday Nov 6, 2012
Your Sister’s Sister

If the box is covered with "Official Selection" laurels from the Tribeca, Toronto, and Sundance festivals, and if it has a quirky make-you-think title, then it must be in indie film, and in this case it's called "Your Sister's Sister."

The 90-minute movie certainly sounds like an indie too, especially when the two half-sisters, Rosemarie DeWitt as lesbian Hannah, and Emily Blunt as British Iris, whisper about their love lives in bed together, which feels quite natural (and apparently mostly improvised), yet is almost inaudible. A bona fide slice-of-life does not a compelling film make.

Joined by Mark Duplass as Jack, the three bring their characters to life in this two-dimensional vehicle written and directed by Lynn Shelton. After a year, Jack can't get over the loss of his brother Tom, Iris's ex-boyfriend, so she sends him to her family's remote and wireless cabin to "find himself."

Instead of himself, Jack finds Hannah cannonballing tequila and kvetching about her ex-girlfriend Pam, so, naturally, they screw, or rather, Jack comes upon entry, before awkwardly cuddling with the lesbian. Iris, wanting to be more than platonic with Jack, shows up with provisions the next day, and with everybody keeping secrets, the door slamming begins, but not much else happens, except for a few cracks about Hannah's vegan foodstuffs.

There are a lot of brooding silences here, and camera shots across the well-appointed cabin as the trio finds ways to reconcile their choices, most of them sexual. Their decisions remain unclear, as jobs and hobbies and broader lives aren't part of their story. The final scene looks like a promo for a starter "Sister Wives." The Blu-ray is sparse too, with just a trailer and some commentary.

"Your Sister's Sister"

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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