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by Jesse Betlyon
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Jul 7, 2012

If you're looking for an escape from your mundane life, or just a hilarious film to watch, "Wanderlust" is the film for you.

David Wain teams up with producer Judd Apatow to make another hilarious movie starring Paul Rudd. If you are a fan of Wain or Rudd, you've followed their work from "Wet Hot American Summer" and beyond. "Wanderlust" is their latest installment in zany, off-putting, joke filled comedies from the quirky director and his band of players. With Apatow on board and the success of Wain's "Role Models," Jennifer Aniston joined the cast of crazy improv comedians and proved she could hang with the best of them.

In a sort of "recession" vibe film, "Wanderlust" follows two down and out New Yorkers as they cut their losses and leave the bustling city behind. Their travels take them south to a commune called Elysium: a land of pot smoking free-loving, psychedelic tea drinking hippies. One nudist wine maker/author later, and you have a party on your hands.

With any David Wain movie, it's obvious that the cast and crew had a blast making the film. What makes it even better is that the guys love sharing their experience with their audience. The Blu-ray comes with tons of special features from a complete different cut of the movie, hilarious gag reels, and a webisode called "Wainy Days: Elysium." Back to the nudist wine maker for a second... there is even a special feature called "Penis Envy" a documentary about Joe Lo Truglio's prosthetic penis he had to wear for the entire movie. Needless to say, these masters of improv are let their talents hang out in these special features going line after line until eventually even cracking themselves up.

So sit back, brew your favorite cup of psychedelic tea, and get lost in the hilarity of "Wanderlust."

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