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Project X

by Jake Mulligan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Jun 20, 2012
Project X

Critics treated "Project X", pretty universally, as the nadir of the teen genre. I won't deny it: it's depraved, offensive, features unlikeable characters, is hopelessly derivative, and may very well be outright nihilist in its cynical view of the world. But there's something going on here that I can't help but be entranced by, and I must say I feel vindicated by the film's box office success. Like a car crash you can't look away from, "Project X" entrances you with carnage.

Following Costa, JB, and Thomas - three nerds tired of their low high-school-social-rankings - as they throw a birthday party designed to be a "Game-changer" for their reputations, the film at first feels like a standard teen comedy. And there are many uninspired moments where it is just that - where Thomas is realizing his feelings for his long-time platonic friend (never seen that one before,) when the three are comically spitting out shots of drinks too strong for them to swallow, or when the film is little more than a good-times montage set to popular music.

But there are moments, when it devolves into explosive, nihilistic action sequence that this is a truly one-of-a-kind. The party results in nothing less than a standoff between riot cops, drunken teenagers, and angry drug dealers. It's a pretty singular result. And this Blu-ray brings the destruction to all new heights, including a number of deleted scenes and behind-the-camera featurettes displaying debauchery far too extreme for the film's R rating. The film itself is even altered - the extended cuts, running about 7 minutes longer, won't win any new fans of the film. But for those who enjoy this "Project", it's cause for a party.

"Project X"
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