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Angels Crest

by Jake Mulligan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday May 12, 2012
Angels Crest

A faltered attempt at a small-town fable, "Angels Crest" is a torturous plod through an inane subject. Looking at the inhabitants of the town, but mainly at tragic figure and young father Ethan as he navigates his way through unspeakable loss, the film attempts to portray the community with a singular vision; perhaps in the way Robert Altman's films would work so well with no one specific main character - focusing on the whole, rather than the pieces.

Unfortunately, every single individual piece here is uninteresting. Whether it's Ethan, who displays idiocy difficult for me to comprehend, his drunken family members, or the rest of the quip-spewing population, it's hard to understand who we are suppose to want to spend time with here. It's not just that the characters are reprehensible (I could live with that,) but they are played-out, clich├ęd, uninteresting. Even the town's two lesbians, seemingly a subversive force in a community so old-world, are saddled with sad and inept dialogue like "I don't do dick" - and that's in reference to a hot dog. The writing here does the already struggling actors no favors.

The disc does come with a couple special features that attempt to defend the film - deleted scenes with director commentary, a fluff making-of piece from a cable network, and cast interviews (along with the requisite trailer.) But no amount of surplus footage can convince me that "Angels Crest" is anything but a lazy, under thought, and altogether unnecessary look into the bottom of America's intellectual barrel.

"Angels Crest"


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