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Somethings Gonna Live

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Jun 16, 2012
Somethings Gonna Live

The documentary "Something's Gonna Live" presents an in-depth and realistic look at the art directors' work utilized in classic Hollywood cinema. The primary focus is on three major titans from the art and creative design departments at Paramount and Universal studios. These three men's names may only be recognizable to film historians or buffs of old movies. Though mentioning iconic films such as "The Birds," "War of the Worlds," "Psycho" "North by Northwest" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"... the viewer will realize these gentlemen are leaving their own historic imprint with the skill and craftsmanship of their talents.

"Something's Gonna Live" is directed and written by Oscar-nominated ["The Man on Lincoln's Nose"] Daniel Raim. The film is heart-warming, fascinatingly filled with back stories of creating the magical details in the pictures and gossip of the stars, directors and co-workers during the time when studios were high-revved and everyone worked as a team for the fantasy factories of reality.

It is with the utmost respect that

The camaraderie, friendship and mutual respect of art directors Robert F. Boyle ["In Cold Blood"], Henry Bumstead ["To Kill a Mockingbird"] and Albert Nozaki ["The Ten Commandments"] as they reminiscence about each other's screen work is a pleasure to watch. While the passing of time for the learned gentlemen will tug at the heart by the end of "Something's Gonna Live," it is with the utmost respect that Daniel Raim captured these great talents on film for yesterday's, today's and the future's generations. As artist Robert F. Boyle voices over the intro, "If you do something well and it's not crap... the fine work will endure long after the artist is gone."

"Something's Gonna Live"


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