Machine Gun Preacher

by Corey Patrick
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jun 15, 2012
Machine Gun Preacher

Sitting down to watch "Machine Gun Preacher" , Marc Forster's film based on the life of Sam Childers, I was excited to see what the trailer led me to believe would be the lion's share of the movie: Gerard Butler roaming the Sudan with a gun (preferably a bazooka,) kicking ass and taking names. Sadly, the Machine Gun portion of "Machine Gun Preacher" only represents about one-third of the troubled film. Sam doesn't even get to Africa until 30 minutes into the film's unjustifiable 2 hour and 10 minute run-time. That might work except for the fact that the action doesn't stay there. Sam keeps going back to America where we're forced to slog through his home life and watch him transform from cold-blooded murderer to man of god -- which apparently makes all the subsequent killing he does okay. Making matters far worse is Butler's wince-inducing southern accent. The movie is so mired in sentimentality that scenes which may have been genuinely moving on their own come across as infuriatingly contrived.

Still, if you are intent on seeing the "Machine Gun Preacher," there is no reason to purchase the DVD. The "Extras" are a joke, so much so that it's mildly patronizing to refer to them as such. There's theatrical trailer. If you don't remember it, you should check it out and see what a cool movie they made this look like. There's also an inside look at the making of the music for the film. If you love musicians blowing smoke up their own asses about how they conceive walking music, it's right up your alley. Finally, we are given a sneak peak at some other films coming down the pipeline. None of them look that good but, after watching Gerard Butler act so hard for two hours, anything looks like time better spent.

There's no arguing that what Sam Childers has done with his life is inspirational. Unfortunately, this film doesn't do him justice. "Machine Gun Preacher" makes his journey look self-aggrandizing instead of heroic.

"Machine Gun Preacher"
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