LA Law - Season One

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
LA Law - Season One

People tend to forget the influence that the '80s and '90s drama "LA Law" had on current TV shows. The first 22 episodes of the show can now be seen on DVD in "LA Law - Season One," previously only available as an import, but now being offered by the retro folks at Shout Factory.

"LA Law" won a slew of Emmys back in the day for its portrayal of a group of lawyers who struggle with complex cases, and with their personal lives also. From the get-go in the pilot episode, shown here uncut, we're introduced to characters you can care about. The show made household names out of Harry Hamlin, Corbin Bernsen, and Jimmy Smits, who played one of the first positive Latino characters on television.

Susan Dey, who got famous for "The Patridge Family," got famous all over again in "LA Law" and proved she actually had acting chops. Her tough-as-nails character Grace van Owen gets introduced in the second episode and sparks fly between her and lawyer Michael Kuzak (Hamlin). Their ongoing romance was one of the show's highlights.

As dramatic as the show was, the writers often sprinkled it with humor. This comes into play in later episodes of season one, where ladies' man Arnie Becker (Bernsen) battles constantly with his brass secretary (Susan Ruttan).

Be forewarned: The episodes here on DVD aren't of the finest quality. Perhaps the source material from the mid-80s wasn't in great shape. In any event, the episodes and special features are enjoyable... they feature interviews with all key members of the show.

"LA Law - Season One"

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