Body Of Proof - The Complete Second Season

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Sep 25, 2012
Body Of Proof - The Complete Second Season

Even before her stint as a desperate housewife, Dana Delany had staked her claim as one of episodic television's most popular actresses. Landing on the adult-crime investigation drama "Body of Proof" solidified her status as a leading lady. With the "Body of Proof - Complete Second Series" now available on DVD, it's a cinch this series never suffered from the first season curse: it hit the ground running, full of sense and sex appeal.

In this season Delany's crime scene medical examiner Dr. Megan Hunt faces an all new slew of murderous, mysterious, and medical mayhem, while personally dealing with the uncomfortable fact that her ex-husband is dating her boss Kate (played by Jeri Ryan) leading to tenuous relations at work and home. That's not all this modern career-minded single mom has to contend with, especially with her overbearing mother always acting out of order.

Among some of the cases that Hunt and her team face that make a standout season is a mysterious outbreak that is affecting the entire city's population. The two-part episode guest stars Luke Perry. A restaurant owner is found on ice in his own freezer, a fatal car accident leads to a case of mistaken identity..and then there's the case of the bloodless body. The season ends when a vengeful convicted killer exacts his own justice on Megan and tries to kidnap her teenage daughter.

With a winning cast of television veterans "Body of Proof" is also one of television's only series that deals with adult issues, the way that grown-ups would relate to them, without compromising the candor or humor, or resorting to the dramatic extremes of its other series' contemporaries. It's a balance that is evident and appreciated. "Body of Proof - The Complete Second Season" is also packed with bonus features that further examine the crime scene bodies, the show's fashion sense, and features the series of "Outbreak" Webisodes available for the first time in one package.

"Body of Proof - The Complete Second Season"
Available on DVD for $39.99

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