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Religious Right: Super Bowl Halftime Show Presents the Wrong Madonna

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Dec 12, 2011

LifeSiteNews, a religious right wing website, attacked the 2012 Super Bowl halftime because Xtra, a Canadian LGBT news site, says the event "will go down in history as the gayest Super Bowl halftime show ever."

The halftime show will feature a performance by pop star icon Madonna as well as a Jamie King-directed Cirque du Soleil act. Last year, more than 162 million people watched the halftime show, making it the most-watched musical event.

The website warns parents about Madonna's "provocative approach to entertainment" and that the singer has "mocked Christian signs and symbols including Christ's crucifixion." In addition, LifeSiteNews claims that the superstar's "music, lifestyle and role-modeling is contrary to traditional family values."

The site also warns about Cirque du Soleil's "lesser known sexual-side act," Zumanity, and calls it a "pornographic production," which includes "homosexual tangos and nude sadomasochist bondage routines."

When the extreme right wing website Free Republic reported the story, a number of their readers threw in their two cents about the upcoming event. One commenter said, "I won't be watching...again. Especially with that slut as the "start." Another intelligently said, "She will probably take a dump on the 50 yard line, while having intercourse with a horse and snake. I mean really, whats left for her?"

One reader even said, "Well on the bright side, us guys will have the entire halftime to take over the kitchen to grab sandwiches, refill our beers and talk about the first half without having to worry about missing anything, while the women and gay men of the family crowd around the television set."

Madonna recently premiered her second self-directed film "W.E." and is currently working on her twelfth studio album.

Ever since the now-infamous Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake "Nipplegate" scandal, the NFL has chosen middle-of-the-road acts like Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones. (Yes, the Rolling Stones are now considered middle-of-the-road.) So a turn toward Madge may seem surprising. Lady Gaga, stay by the phone!


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