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"Rizzoli and Isles": Undertones Create Loyal Lesbian Fanbase

by Rebecca Kearney
Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

If you're a lesbian with a pulse you are sure to have watched at least one episode of TNT's "Rizzoli and Isles" and fantasized about stars Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander hooking up. The chemistry between the actresses is undeniable. So much so that AfterEllen.com produces a weekly blow-by-blow blog on the lesbian undertones of each "Rizzoli and Isles" episode.

How does author of the Rizzoli and Isles mystery novel series, Tess Gerritsen, feel about this whole subculture that has developed around the show? She was surprised at first but is happy to have such a dedicated fan base that supports the show.

"When I was began writing the books, there was no discussion of Jane and Maura being lesbians. During the first season of the show, when the speculation first started, I genuinely had never seen their friendship in that way. However, everyone sees things from their own perspective. After people started suggesting the lesbian undertones my perspective changed. Now, my husband and I watch episodes and giggle at the innuendo!"

It hard to deny that the innuendo isn't hot and keeps the lesbians tuning in.
However, we always want to make sure we are supporting the right people. So, when I found out that Gerritsen lives in Maine, I had to ask how she voted on the state's recent gay marriage ballot question.

Without pause, Gerritsen told me about the Political Action Committee (PAC) she created with her husband named Maine Writers for Yes on Question 1. She said the PAC raised $6,000 and got over 100 Maine writers to sign their names to two full page newspaper ads in the Bangor and Portland, ME papers the week of the vote. "Equal marriage is something we both support and we wanted to make sure we did out part to help change hearts and minds."

I asked Gerritsen if she felt that given the undertones of the show if she thought the show could help change hearts and minds as its broadcast into middle America. She hopes the show can - and then indicated that "R&I" might just be breaking down barriers in Season 3!

Spoiler Alert!!

Be sure to tune into "Rizzoli and Isles" tonight, for Over/Under, Episode 14 of Season 3, where a little birdie told us that someone will be coming out as the big "L"! Is it Jane? Is it Maura? Is it Lorraine Braco? Maybe....but don't hold your breath. Still, a sister will be representing next week - so program your DVR!

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Check out Gerritsen's next Rizzoli and Isles suspense thriller, "Last to Die," where Jane and Maura face one of their most emotional cases yet when they have to protect three orphaned children from the sadistic killer that murdered their families.

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