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Alanis Morissette

by Chris Sosa
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Oct 22, 2012
Alanis Morissette
Alanis Morissette  

Alanis Morissette is still treading new ground. With the release of "Havoc and Lights," her brand of angst matured into a reflective yet determined look at motherhood, domestic abuse, and love. Characteristically eccentric and unflinching, Morissette let listeners in to experience the world through her eyes.

On October 17th at the House of Blues in Boston, she did just that. Opening with a highlight from her new album "Woman Down," Morissette received a warm response from the enthusiastic crowd. Her youthful energy joined both new songs and classics into a cohesive package with fans cheering as she often whipped out her signature harmonica during vocal interludes.

Perhaps the only issue with Morissette's performance was what appeared to be some suspect guitar playing. At points, she seemed to be banging away at it off-time, yet this wasn't reflected in the sound. While the sound engineer may have been gracefully covering missteps, audience members could be heard questioning the authenticity of the guitar segments.

The backing band itself was highly skilled. Alanis gelled well with the group, casually introducing various members throughout and avoiding the annoying habit of many artists to name every band member in succession and dedicate an unnecessary solo.

Oddly, there were two encores. But it was during these segments the fans most seemed to revel, as Morissette performed a brilliant, soulful rendition of "Hand in My Pocket" and led the crowd in a spirited "Thank You." Her obvious passion for the artistry translated into an engaging performance.

Audience members filtered out of the venue buzzing about the strength of Morissette's performance. At nearly two decades in the business, she's still a relevant and evolving artist whose career shows no signs of slowing.


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