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Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden

by Keith Survillas
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 30, 2009
Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden

Modern-Standards-Singer Michael Buble brings tight sounds to a few newbies as well as his treasure chest of standards.

The Good: These are some tight arrangements and a great sound which includes the odd-yet-amazing choice of Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man, and his hits Homeand Feeling Good.

There is R&B, jazz, and good old fashioned swing in this live one-man show.

The Better: The DVD that goes with this MSG package provides a real look at the man and his talent for leading where Sinatra kinda left off.

Also, as what might be Buble's downfall so early in his career (give him ten years ala Bobby Darin/Sinatra), his timbre mirrors that of a sax rather a trombone which pairs well with "his boys" in the band in an odd yet pleasant sound.

The Worse: Ya gotta be a fan. Buble neither has the range nor the strength in his voice to pull off what Sinatra did in his 1974 MSG album, but small things to overlook for a void in today's talent.

The key is to watch Buble's voice change in the coming years. I'm sure the showmanship will remain (a super plus).

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