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by Steven Bergman
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jul 20, 2012

These are prolific and successful times for Serj Tankian. In addition to composing the musical "Prometheus Bound" with Steven Sater ("Spring Awakening"), which received rave reviews for its premiere last year, and releasing his latest poetry compilation, "Glaring Through Oblivion," Tankian has now released "Harakiri," the third solo album for the vivacious frontman of metal-band System of a Down.

Tankian discusses the ease of making this record on his website - how while his abundance of other projects were keeping him more than occupied, he discovered the musical sources that inspired the creation of another rock record, giving his fans fresh music.

Tankian's music has always been diverse, and "Harakiri" (the Japanese term for 'ritualistic suicide') doesn't disappoint. The recording contains something for all of his fans, from the pounding thrash of "Uneducated Democracy" to his lyrics of political and environmental issues ranging from the greed of Big Business ("Figure It Out") to the title track, a comment on the human race's self destruction on this planet. Tankian's solo band (The F.C.C. - Dan Monti on guitar, Mario Pagliarulo on bass, and Troy Zeigler on drums) is in fine form, handling all the styles of the singer's compositions, three of which were composed from samples from the musician's iPad.

Tankian is clearly a smart 21st century artist: this release was completely recorded by the musician at his home studio. Additionally, there are online offers of Bonus Tracks and interviews available of his creative process, CD bundles and touring information. He continues to win new fans with each project, while never being in danger of compromising any of his artistic statements.

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Steven Bergman is a Composer / Playwright / Performing Arts Educator based outside of Boston, MA.


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