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Kady Z: Dance Music with a Soul

by Bill Biss
Monday Jun 11, 2012

It's refreshing to find a performer who is not following the current craze in female pop singers. You know, the big hair, the glitter make-up, outrageous outfits and controversial lyrics... and I'm not talking about Lady Gaga but the latest pack of wannabes who pop up on the scene every five minutes. Musical artist, Kady Z relies on her strong vocals, thoughtful and emotional songwriting skills and natural beauty to achieve something she has coined, "dance music with a soul."

For those of us of a certain generation, if she looks slightly familiar, it's possibly because she is the daughter of recording artist/actress, Pia Zadora. Kady Z has been in love with singing since she was a very small child and was raised in a musical family. Now, she has just released her debut EP titled "One Million Pieces." Talking with Kady Z for The Rage Monthly, she comes across as a wholesome, cute and unpretentious 20-something performer who is excited to present her songs and talent. Here, she talks of the songwriting process, a bit of family history and a few anecdotes about some of her favorite things.

Your cover of the Robbie Williams song, "Feel" really shows how beautiful your voice is and also, how strong you are vocally. Even though you wrote all the remaining songs on the record, why did you choose to cover this song?

I love Robbie Williams and the song really captured me when I first heard it. It's so haunting and emotional and dark on the lyrics. Yet, at the same time the melody just makes you want to live, you know. It caught me right then and I just knew I wanted to make it my own.

Yeah, the music box sound of the intro is haunting like you said. That's very much the case.

Yeah, thank you. That's what I felt when we did it... in our own way.

The arrangements and production values of music, specifically on your song, "Save Me" is so nicely done. How would you describe the experience of working alongside ToneDef for your debut?
Oh man, he's the best. He's just so "on it" and professional. He understood every- thing that I wanted to portray in the music. It was just great. We clicked and we had so much fun. "Save Me" was the last song we did. We wanted to chill it out a little bit and make it that song where"this is kind of special in its own way." I'm very lucky to have found him.

I have to say, for me, "Beautiful Disaster" has a real country vibe to it. It's along the lines of a song that Taylor Swift would do. The video for that would really work on the Country Music Television[CMT] network. Is there any chance that song might cross over into country?

That's a very good question. I didn't even think of it until a couple of other people mentioned that too. I think you're right. I think it definitely does have that cross- over vibe. It's pretty cool because I'm a huge fan of country music and that would be awesome.

The video already has that country feeling... just substitute some banjos in place of the synth and there you go.

Very true, very true. I like that idea.

Your mom released an album in 1989 called Pia Z. The final song on that was called "Kady." Will you please share your backstory on this?

That song... I was so excited because my brother, Christopher... he didn't have a song. I was younger and when you're young, your sibling is your "punching bag" a little bit. So, I was always like, "I got a song and you didn't!" But, I always felt very proud of that song. I have a little part in the middle where I say something like, "Can you see the angels, mommy? Can you see them?"

It's actually a funny story. They kept me in the studio and they said, "We need that line. Say it again. Say it again."I'm like,"I have to go to the bathroom." They said, "No Kady! We need it again. Do it again." Finally, I actually went... I had an accident in my pants in the studio! (Laughter) I know that's probably too much information but I was like, 3-years old. I heard the story and thought it was really sad and cute. That song always reminds me of that.

That's hilarious. What good and solid advice has your mom given you about show business and the music industry, as you embark on your debut and all that's involved with it?

She has always been very supportive. She's always said, "Just go for it." She loves the EP and she's been great. She just came to one of my shows and she was so proud. It feels so good. I've watched her perform since I was a kid. I've always looked up to her. It means so much to have her blessing and her excitement.
Definitely, that's a good thing to have. What have been some of your emotions doing the new material on stage?

So excited... I was trying to figure out how to do the songs live and keep the excitement and freshness. That's been kind of a little journey but I have an amazing band and the songs sound so good. Sometimes, you hear a song that you're used to listening to on an album and it's live and you're, "Well, I like it but it's not like the record." All the songs live are like the record so it's really nice.

That's great. Hopefully you will make a stop in San Diego during the summer.

Definitely. We're working on it.

Finally, I read that the song "Fun" is a dish at an ex-girlfriend or a guy who was your best friend?

No, she was an ex-friend but it was a girl. She was my best friend.

Does she have any idea? I mean one of the lyrics on that is "I hate your face."

(Laughter) Listen. I was just having a bad day. Actually, she and I are friends again. She doesn't know. It's a little awkward. We're not sure what to do about that. It was unexpected that we're friends again. But, I'm really happy and she has... a good sense of humor.

Oh cool. I was just thinking maybe you just had a bad hair day or something. You had to get it out by writing that song.

(More laughter) Yeah, I totally had a bad hair day.

Oh, it's been fun and great music.

Thanks so much, Bill.

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