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Inlaws & Outlaws

by Will Demers
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Nov 3, 2012
Inlaws & Outlaws

What defines a marriage? Is it love, attraction, companionship? Is it what we perceived our parents had, or didn't have?

Drew Emery's documentary explores a question that is on many of our minds these days. It affectionately, if not provocatively asks these questions of several couples, starting with one on one interviews and later reveals who is associated with whom. There are some single folk in there, as well, (Thankfully) giving us their insight into what makes a relationship work. But marriage? The film opens and closes with snippets of children and young adults giving us their observations which neatly bookend the piece, and interspersed between are some nifty Jazz vocals which can at times seem out of place and unnecessary. Emery's piece dives in slowly and sort of wades into the subject, neatly dodging political but not religious issues, as we're treated to a few couples who have struggled with their religion's perception of what marriage truly is. Does it work? For the most part, yes. We are meant to be led down a path that erases lines of sexuality to make these stories more "accessible" to heterosexual audiences. The gay theme is clearly more dominant here, and this works for the purpose of what the documentary is trying to say. It is a uneven journey, but a sweet one.

What defines a Marriage?

Extras include additional scenes, a short film highlighting the Hearts + Minds campaign, a sort bio of Bob Lemon (Executive Producer) and a behind-the-scenes slide show.

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