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Will the Pope appear in a new Bel Ami film?

by Robert Nesti
EDGE National Arts & Entertainment Editor
Monday Sep 10, 2012

Will the Pope appear in a new Bel Ami film?

Apparently, yes. If the porn company's founder George Duroy has his way.

As reported on the website Gay Star News, this odd scenario came about when a pair of actors from the new Bel Ami film, "Scandal in Vatican," dressed as priests and attended a Vatican meeting in which the Pope blessed the participants.

Duroy filmed the blessing and plans to include the footage in the finished film. Duroy reported the prank on an online forum.

The film, according to GSN, "is the story of a couple of young priests, dressed as Catholic clerical students, who enjoy their sex experiences in the little country in the heart of Italy's capital, Rome.

"And viewers will see Pope Benedict XVI blessing the main actors in a Vatican meeting. The Pope didn’t know about their jobs and, according to producer Duroy, the scene will be the film’s most interesting part."

Trevor Yates, one of the two actors, wrote on Facebook: "Mine is not the usual career path to get to the church. Came here through the adult industry."

He also posted photos of the event, which were subsequently taken down.

GSN also reported that "Scandal in Vatican" will also see a football match in piazza San Pietro, the Vatican’s main square.

"The Italian press think that the Vatican could sue the company and ask for compensation," the GSN report continued. "And the Italian pink press writes that the Bel Ami actors could become the new Pussy Riot, the pro-gay Russian punk rock band who were recently jailed for a anti-Putin protest in a church."

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