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Brad Pitt’s Brother Defends Anti-Gay Letter From Their Mom, Who Claims Death Threats

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

Brad Pitt's younger brother, Doug Pitt, appeared on the "Today" show to talk about to his mother who was the center of media attention after she wrote an anti-gay letter to a local newspaper.

Last week, Jane Pitt made national headlines when her response to an opinion piece was published in Missouri's Springfield-News Leader. In the letter Pitt slammed President Obama for supporting marriage equality and said she would be voting for Mitt Romney.

She wrote, "any Christian should spend much time in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality just because he is a Mormon." She also adds, "any Christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for Romney's opponent, Barack Hussein Obama - a man who sat in Jeremiah Wright's church for years, did not hold a public ceremony to mark the National Day of Prayer, and is a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage."

When Doug Pitt, a businessman, went on "Today," he defended his mother's right to share her opinions, the Hollywood Reporter noted.

"You know, I think moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world. So why would our family be any different?" he said. "There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you. The bad thing is when it turns to venom and negativity, and we don't have that in our family. It's open discussion. We can learn from each other and, if anything, it solidifies your point. Or maybe you learn something."

The ultra-conservative website World Net Daily (WND) reported the incident and claimed that Jane Pitt "has been scared into silence by the hate-filled, vulgar and even violent reaction" to her anti-gay letter. The website also claims that the celebrity's mother has received death threats for her statements.

In the article, WND reports they spoke with Pitt but she "quietly and politely said she was not interested in talking to anyone in the media about the incident." The article goes on to say, "When she was told WND supported her right to speak her mind and is appalled by the threats against her life, Pitt expressed gratitude to WND for being one of the few news agencies doing so. Even her thank you, however, was said in a subdued manner laden with heaviness of heart."

The rest of the article defends Pitt for her speaking her mind and that "the mainstream media have painted her comments in a vilifying light."

Many Brad Pitt fans were shocked to hear his mother's remarks as the "Tree of Life" star has been a longtime support of equal rights. In 2008, the actor donated $100,000 to fight Proposition 8. In a September 2011 interview with PARADE, Pitt talked about his family and his stance on marriage equality.

"Can you believe that we're still fighting for equality in America? To be against marriage for everyone is utter discrimination. I feel strongly about that because if equality of marriage doesn't happen now, the next generation will have to deal with it," he said. "What are you so afraid of? That's my question. Gay people getting married? What is so scary about that? It's complicated. You grow up in a religion like that and you try to pray the gay away. I feel sadness for people like that," Pitt continued. "This is where people start short-circuiting-instead of being brave and questioning their beliefs, they are afraid and feel that they have to defend them."

"My family is all devout Christians. Yes, absolutely. We don't see eye to eye on this one, yet at the end of the day we love each other, we're still family."


  • , 2012-07-12 09:40:50

    She is a bigot. If she lives in Springfield its no wonder.

  • , 2012-07-12 19:17:59

    ’When Doug Pitt, a businessman, went on "Today," he defended his mother’s right to share her opinions,’ If she wasn’t Brad Pitt’s mother no one would be interested in her opinion--as it is I’m not interested in her opinion or Brad’s LOL.

  • , 2012-07-13 01:00:14

    @teresa...Smart women? Bible studies do NOT make you educated. It makes you religious, and close-minded. It’s even more despicable that Brad’s mother is a counsellor--who knows how many gay people she shoved back in the closet.

  • , 2012-07-13 01:00:55

    @teresa...Smart women? Bible studies do NOT make you educated. It makes you religious, and close-minded. It’s even more despicable that Brad’s mother is a counsellor--who knows how many gay people she shoved back in the closet.

  • GAG'EM, 2012-07-14 15:31:01

    I agree with Martin Goodkin. Brad Pitt’s mother and brother have the same rights as any American to express their opinions. The problem is the media publicizing them as if they are any more important than anyone else’s.

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