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Ryan Urges Pentagon to Suspend Collection of Guard Bonuses

By Matthew Daly | Oct 27
House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday called for the Pentagon to immediately suspend efforts to recover enlistment bonuses paid to thousands of soldiers in California.

Florida Citrus Industry Under Attack from Disease

Oct 27
Florida's nearly $11 billion citrus industry faces a growing danger from disease. A tree-killing bacteria is wiping out the state's famous orange groves.

For Some Low-Income Workers, Retirement is Only a Dream

By Maria Ines Zamudio | Oct 26
Studies have found that about one-third of low wage workers say they'll never be able to afford retirement. The problem is particularly acute among minority women.

Store Credit Cards

Oct 25
A survey out Thursday says store credit cards can have interest rates twice as high as a regular bank card. Anna Werner has more on the cost of plastic.

Luxury Goods Market Hampered by Terror Threats, U.S. Election

By Colleen Barry | Oct 22
The terror threat in Europe, a strong dollar and uncertainty over the U.S. presidential elections have eroded the confidence of the globe's big-spenders, holding luxury purchases flat in 2016.

$4 a Month? Social Security Recipients to Get Tiny Increase

By Stephen Ohlemacher | Oct 20
Millions of Social Security recipients and federal retirees will get a 0.3 percent increase in monthly benefits next year, the fifth year in a row that older Americans will have to settle for historically low raises.

Brexit Costs UK Its Spot Among Top 5 Investment Destinations

By Pan Pylas | Oct 19
Britain has lost its place as one of the top five investment destinations in the wake of the country's decision to leave the European Union, according to a survey released Monday.

Wells Fargo's Earnings Fall As Bank Deals with Scandal

By Ken Sweet | Oct 17
Wells Fargo's earnings slipped in the third quarter, the bank said Friday, as the banking giant started dealing with the aftermath of a sales practices scandal that has consumed it in recent weeks.

Medicare Unveils Far-Reaching Overhaul of Doctors' Pay

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Oct 16
Medicare on Friday unveiled a far-reaching overhaul of how it compensates doctors and other clinicians. The goal is to reward quality, cost-effective care instead of just paying piecemeal for services.

Goldman Sachs Launches Personal Loan Service

By Ken Sweet | Oct 15
Goldman Sachs unveiled a long-awaited online consumer lending service Thursday, the investment bank's latest push to retail banking.

1 thru 10 of 2819 Stories